Arya and Fírnen by unknow artist 

I’m so in love with this one!

this was drawn by Ticcy

Thank you for the information. I’ve already put the credits (:

Hellgrind, from Norse Mythology, the gates of Hell, is based on Shiprock, a rock formation in New Mexico. It’s also the home of the Ra’zac.

Arya and Fírnen by 

I’m so in love with this one!

  • Interviewer: Were there ever any multicolored dragons?
  • Christopher Paolini: Yup. And some neon pink ones too.

  • Interviewer: The Gedwey Ignasia apparently shows up and whichever hand touches the newly hatched dragon first. But what if the rider touches the dragon with another body part, like an elbow or foot? Would the gedway ignasia appear there, or does it only work for hands?
  • Christopher Paolini: Yup, the gedwëy ignasia appears wherever you first touch a dragon. So, I’m sure there was some poor Dragon Rider out there with a silvery patch on some horribly awkward or embarrassing place.


-Shake your hand for 10 seconds
-then lift in the air infront of you
-close your eyes
-feel your blood flowing
That’s how a Dragon rider feels when they’re summoning magic (:

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Roran eventually rebuilds the old farmhouse and lives there with Katrina and their child.


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Inheritance Cycle 

Dreamcast x Fanart

Credits to the fanarts owners: 


Does anyone know the name of these actors and actresses?

The name of the actors, please